Welcome to the world of Emma & Kelly

About us

Every woman loves fashion. So does the brand Emma and Kelly. When we planned to take our passion and love for handbags and accessories to the world, Emma & Kelly was born.

The team of Emma & Kelly wanted to bring the best designs patterns and quality together. We are always on our toes to provide utmost value and thanks to the collaboration with big platforms we are able to make available gorgeous and efficient designer handbags and accessories to women around the world.

The work we do
The heart and soul of every Emma & Kelly accessory are made under our care. From its designing to quality testing, we are actively involved in the whole process so that the final result is an impeccable piece of beauty.

We have a secret of turning every fashion accessory into an exotic piece – the one that exudes timelessness, confidence, and functionality. Add to this, the skilled craftsmanship of our women and men, lo and behold, an Emma & Kelly product is made!